"Watch As Your Child Becomes A Natural Leader"

Easily Increase Your Child’s Confidence… Self-Esteem… Athleticism… They’ll get Better Grades… They’ll learn how to defend themselves… Avoid Peer Pressure… How to Handle Bullies… And build life skills that will give them an “unfair advantage” for the rest of their life…


Dear fellow parent,

You know the kid you grew up with in high school who always got good grades… was the star athlete… Played a musical instrument or sang really well… and everyone seemed to like?

… The one who made it look so easy—as if she didn’t have a worry in the world?

She had THE KNACK.

And you don’t have to hope and pray your child has it too—because you’re about to discover how you can give it to them –quickly and easily!

When your child gets THE KNACK, the things that used to be hard for them no longer matter:

The confidence to take chances, succeed in school, play sports and make new friends –becoming the leader of their social circle…

The self-esteem to stand up for themselves and stand by their decisions when pressure from their peers is telling them to do the wrong thing…

The ambition and motivation to want to work hard at school, to “do good”, and make a success out
of everything they do…

… Believe me—I KNOW what a difference “THE KNACK” can make!

Who I Am, Why You Should Listen To Me,

And How I Can Help Your Child …

My name is Lloyd Irvin, and for over 10 years I’ve run Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy here in southern Maryland.

During that time I’ve taught martial arts to many different people and on a daily basis I’ve worked with kids of all ages and backgrounds.

We have a LONG track record of helping parents, just like you, get incredible results from your children:

Handicapped children, and kids with other disabilities blew past barriers and saw new levels of success they never thought possible with our help...

ADD, ADHD, and other overactive children learned how to focus their energy and channel their attention on positive behaviors…

Overweight children of all ages have lost a few pounds … and gained tremendous amounts of self esteem and self confidence through the power of exercise and learning self discipline...

Smart children, who were previously bored in school, learned to set higher and higher goals for themselves and reach them…

Shy children, previously afraid and timid, learned to come out of their “shell”, have fun and enjoy life…

Our unique martial arts program at Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy did all this and more … but now … this summer we can offer your child something EVEN BETTER!


This Summer, Give Your Child “THE KNACK” …

Give Them The Awesome Power of: Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp!

This summer, after school lets out, instead of hearing your kids complain about how bored they are all summer – enrich their lives with Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp!

Your child doesn’t need any previous martial arts experience, only a strong desire to have fun!

And fun is what we’re going to have, here’s just a sample of what your child will experience at Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp

Weekly Pool Fun! Your child will be having a blast, not miserably sweating away their vacation, during the hottest days this summer…

Weekly Six Flag Trips! EVERYONE loves six flags -- whether braving The Penguin’s Blizzard River or the Typhoon Sea Coaster or Shipwreck Falls -- your child will be having fun ALL day long!

Tons More Fun Every Day! As if that wasn’t enough, Lloyd Irvin’s Summer Karate Sports Camp also includes laser tag, bowling, museum visits, arts & crafts, and dance…

And that’s just the start!

Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp is NOT like any other summer camp, there’s truly nothing out there like this.

Here’s just a sample of what your child will experience at Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp … 

Your child will develop self-confidence and self-esteem by achieving their individual goals…

They’ll feel like real martial artists when they get their free “Gi” (martial arts training uniform)…

Watch in amazement as your child starts to show more discipline, and self-control at home, with siblings and family members

Your child will learn team work by participating and succeeding with the help of their new friends at the summer camp

You’ll be shocked and delighted when you see your child being able to intently focus on doing schoolwork, chores, and listening to YOU

You’ll watch your child develop physical strength, agility, balance and control which will carry over into every area of their life (if your child is involved in any other sports, martial
arts is hands down the best way to “cross-train” to increase their physical abilities … and put them at an advantage over the other kids

Your child will become more respectful, not only at home with you but also with other adults she meets in public (everyone will be amazed at what a respectful child you have!)

Your child’s memory will improve and her learning ability will increase too!

You’ll watch your child make new friends and fit into new social circles easier than ever before as their new found confidence and self esteem makes being social EASY (this will affect every area of their life as they grow older, they’ll be able to easily advance in school, work and social groups)

Watch your child’s grades go up… and… stay up! Our special martial arts training gives your child the discipline needed to study, complete homework and organize their time more wisely—and these skills make success a habit, not a chore!

Your child will start to act more responsibly, not blaming others, following rules and taking responsibility for her actions…


Watch as your child becomes a natural leader!

We teach leadership skills because they are so important in life for two reasons:

1. Because leaders naturally succeed and advance at a pace faster than their peers, so it’s an extrememly valuable life skill… and…

2. Because if your child naturally becomes the leader within her circle of friends you’ll NEVER have to worry about her making the wrong decisions because she gave in to peer pressure or other negative influences!

Training your child how to become MORE independent and develop great leadership skills is one of them most important things we teach at Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp.

But that’s not all…

Watch as your child learns how to handle stress easily and positively
(this too is another important life skill that will help your child
become a high achiever in the years to come!)

We’ll develop your child’s courage to say “NO!” to peer pressure. (We’re members in the nationally recognized H.E.R.O. program, we help promote anti-drug programs, and also run our own conflict resolution and anger management programs)

Your child will learn effective, realistic self-defense skills that could save their lives (or the life of a loved one) in the future! (We teach your child thai-jitsu, a hybrid form of martial arts that focuses on being able to not only punch and kick but also grapple on the ground. We also stress discipline, responsibility and self-control to make sure your child won’t misuse this knowledge)

Your child’s unique potential will be discovered, explored and developed to its maximum potential through personal attention with each of our qualified instructors

Your child will become “bully proof” as we teach them to ‘think smart’ to stay out of bad situations and stand up for themselves and only use physical force (martial arts)
as a LAST resort...

We’ll teach your child effective goal setting, and success principles that make it easy for her to succeed in virtually any area of life (all high achievers in life utilized goal setting principles
to succeed, we’ll teach your child this incredibly important life skill so she’ll be able to use it for the rest of her life!)

You’ll love how your child will have such a positive attitude and outlook in all areas of her life. We teach our students the absolute importance of having a positive mental attitude so they learn from all their failures (without becoming disappointed or depressed and quitting) and they grow even more from their successes.

Your child will learn the importance of sportsmanship, fairness and getting along with people … even if they don’t like them (a great life skill to have when they get older and get a job … with a boss!)

Your child will be flat out pumped and excited to go to summer camp, there’s always something new and fun for them to do and it’s NEVER boring!

Plus Much, MUCH MORE!

How Does Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp
Compare to the Other Options For Your Child This Summer?

Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp


Other Choices: Staying At Home, Rec Centers, Sports, Other Karate Summer Camps, etc...

At Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp we're all about FUN! Your kids will absolutely LOVE and be excited about going to camp.It's no wonder we've been voted the number one summer camp Six times in a row. AND 70% of our students each year
are Repeat children from the summer before!You're child will have tons of fun!






Nothing is worse for a child than being bored. And that's exactly what they'll be the whole summer vacation if they just stay home and play video games, watch movies or wander around their neighborhood! And the worse part: Boredom often leads to making bad decisions!
At LIMAA, we teach your child Thai-Jitsu so she'll be able to defend herself (or a loved one) if she ever needs to. All our instructors are competent black belts (many are multiple black belts in many different styles of martial arts!) and have the experience and knowledge to train your child correctly and safely!

Self Defense Training

Your child won't learn self defense being bored to tears, sitting at home during summer vacation. No self defense training on any sports teams, or at the rec center, or wandering around the neighborhood either...
All our instructors have experience teaching children in a controlled, safe environment.They like to see kids have fun but know when to step in and say "wait a minute" when situations start to get reckless and potentially dangerous.







Unless you spend money on a babysitter or send
your child to some form of daycare, there'll be no one to look after
them and make sure they're being safe!
Our full time instructional staff is committed
to making sure your child has a fun, educating, and safe summer
with us.All our instructors are black belts and have had
special training for dealing with younger children.There's no one more qualified to give your child
the best summer vacation of their life!






Sitting at home? No Staff

Rec Center? Full time, part time and a lot of volunteers
who may or may not be qualified to make sure your child has a fun
AND safe time this summer.

Other Sports? Most recreational sports teams have
volunteer coaches who may or may not be qualified and ready to look
after your child.

You simply can't beat the qualified, experienced
staff at Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp.


Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer
will strengthen your child's fitness 'weak links'
whatever they may be!Is your child a little overweight? He'll slim down
and tone up with our unique strength and conditioning exercises...Is your child weak? She'll get stronger with our
strength exercises and drillsUncoordinated, no agility, slow, or clumsy? The
unique training effect of martial arts will give your child a level
of fitness they've never had before (and the best part is, they'll
enjoy working out because they're having FUN!)








Playing video games and watching TV for hours
on end provides no fitness benefits ... in fact, the summer time
is when kids put on the most weight!Rec centers can be good exercise ... but children
need supervision to keep them on track, safe and out of trouble.And although most sports will give your child better
fitness, nothing comes close to the way the martial arts will train
your child to be strong, flexible, agile, quick and coordinated!

Here’s What Parents, Just Like You Have To Say About

Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp:


"It’s all about Structure and it’s about discipline "

Well my opinion with the staff: My daughter is one of the counselors for the summer program. They truly teach you not only discipline and structure but the Word of God is in this place. There is a lot of love in here so it’s not just about martial arts it’s teaches you to be compassionate, to be respectful, you have to communicate and this more than a martial arts academy.

It’s not a girlie activity like ballet, gymnastics or ice-skating where a lot of the emphasis is on the child; especially a girl’s weight. Instead it’s on her being strong and confident and doing what she needs to do to be a good person.

Master Lloyd Master Donnie I’ll tell you these guys are phenomenal, yes I’m very please with the program and discipline that they teach, they do care about not only my son but every child that comes here they care about you no matter how good you are or how much they have to teach you they let you know that.

You are still important, you are still special but at the same time it’s all about structure and it’s about discipline and just listen to what their telling you to do, be the best you can be, their not here to criticize their here to make you better, I’ve seen a huge difference in his confidence, his self-esteem, he loves people and the interaction he’s having with the students has been very well, his behavior has gone from I don’t care to I can’t wait to come to class. I just love the program."

Mavis Rollins


Click here to listen:




"There is an increase in his self-esteem and
his confidence."

"The positive benefits of the program for my son is his behavior, his mannerism and his positive outlook to the future for him about going to school and doing the right thing paying attention just listening. There is an increase in his self-esteem and his confidence. He wants to do well, he wants to be a good boy, he wants to learn and he likes being appreciative and praised. So he really boosted up a lot."

Rhia Clarke


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"I would highly recommend Lloyd Irvin’s
Martial Arts to another parent."

The staff at the Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy is very professional. My experiences have been nothing but positive. Anytime I had to call or to talk to the instructor with any concerns it’s been a very positive experience they always conducts themselves in the most professional way and it’s been nothing but advantages and positive experiences, nothing negative no disadvantages at all.

I would highly recommend Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts to another parent. I would recommend the aftercare if they weren’t interested in the martial arts program. Particularly the martial arts program; I would recommend it for parents and children because
the adults classes as well as the children classes. I think it is a great opportunity to do things together with your child which they seem to really like it, they think it’s kind of cool when their parents participates in the same thing they are participating in.

Patricia Young

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in kindergarten last year, the teacher said that his attention span is really good. A lot of the children wander off, but since he has been here, he knows that he has to look directly to the teacher to talk. She told me last year that she had noticed a change from January to June. She could understand his english and things more clearly. He is right there with his undivided attention with his teacher.

Angelo was very quiet. He wouldn’t speak up; he wouldn’t take up for himself. He’s beginning to speak louder now, he is speaking more clearly because Grandma sometimes couldn’t understand him. It’s like he is an entirely different little grandson, that’s what he is. I can see a big change, I really can He is really growing to be 6 years old. I can see the change. I think I have another Master Lloyd on my hands, I hope so!"

Faye Claiborne, Grandson Angelo


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"The benefits that I see in my daughter is that her coordination has improved tremendously."

'The positive benefits in myself is that I am in much better shape. I able to do things on vacations like climb mountains and go kayaking and just basically enjoying my life alot more because I’m in great shape and I have much more confidence in myself and my physical ability.She’s starting to be able to do many more things.

It’s not a girlie activity like ballet, gymnastics or ice-skating where a lot of the emphasis is on the child; especially a girl’s weight. Instead it’s on her being strong and confident and doing what she needs to do to be a good person.

The instructors at LIMAA are fantastic, they are very positive , very encouraging, they expect a lot but they are also know our limitations. The staff is very easy to work with,everyone is very friendly and very helpful. She seems much more confident in what she does as keeping more to her individual self that she doesn’t follow , it’s a part of her personality that she’s not a follower and it seems to be even more so the longer she stays here She’s more so of an individual, a leader rather than a follower."

Susan Singer


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"The loving family atmosphere provides a safe

years ago when I chose to place my son Malachi Edmond in Lloyd Irvin’ Martial Arts Academy I didn’t know what a tremendous impact it would have on his life. The loving family atmosphere provides a safe haven that Malachi loves to be in daily. The highly
respected staff, not only teach him martial arts, but are excellent role models as well. Observing their behaviorism/mannerism Malachi is learning excellent social skills, how to become a leader not a follower and to respect others.

I know the way Malachi looks up to them and strives to be like them is having a positive affect on his growth into manhood. From this experience I’m truly confident that Malachi will become to highly confident, well respected, successful, young man. Thank You! Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy for all that you have done for Malachi and what you will continue to do for him in the future."

Rhonda Edmond

What’s The Best Decision You Can Make

For Your Child?

Look, I have a two year old son now, so I know what it’s like being a parent.

And if each of us is REALLY honest with ourselves, we all FEEL like we could always be just a little better of a parent.

Maybe we just want to give them a little better life lesson… or help them more with their school work… or spend more quality time with our kids.

My point is this: My son is only 2 years old, and there are already things I wish I had done better in raising him… I just love him too much to not care about being the best parent I can be.

What I’m offering you here today is the chance to never have to say, “I wish I had done…”

I want you to take this opportunity to give your child the best experience possible this summer…

Here’s What To Do Next…

Simply pick up the phone and call my office right now at:

(301) 449-KICK (5425)

… and ask for Mr. Will or Mrs. Rose. We’ll help you and your child plan for a great summer.

Listen To Your 'Gut' …

On this short website, I’ve shown you can absolutely give your child “THE KNACK”...

I’ve shown you how all of us here at Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy have helped thousands of children of every age, ability and background achieve success in various areas of their life…

I’ve revealed how the Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp will help your child succeed both now… and develop life skill success habits that will pay off in the future…

I’ve stacked up Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp against all the other options available to your child and shown you why we’re the best choice …

Plus, I’ve put ALL the risk in trying Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp out squarely on MY shoulders … by giving you the chance to call and have any of your questions answered completely risk-free!

Now it’s up to you.

If you care at all about giving your child the summer vacation experience of their young life, I urge you to call the number below and find out how we can get started TODAY.

(301) 449-KICK (5425)

Warm regards,

Lloyd Irvin Jr.
Master Instructor

P.S. Special VIP discounts apply if you act RIGHT NOW!!

Learn more by calling (301) 449-KICK (5425).

All 6 years we’ve held the Lloyd Irvin’s Karate Sports Summer Camp we’ve sold out all 100 spots WAY in advance! (also, because on average 70% of the spots are already taken by kids who came the year before!)

If you’re at all interested I’m urging you to call right away and reserve your child’s spot NOW. We’re sure to sell out again this year.

So please don’t delay, Call (301) 449-KICK (5425) today, right now in fact – while it’s still on your mind!